1. You need to change the boot sequence to CD-ROM first in the control panel, and select the OpenBSD image


2. After starting the server, use noVNC of the control panel to connect to the console.

Fill in the hostname as prompted. IPv4 address, IPv4 route(gateway) and netmask can be found in the control panel



3. Select not run X Window System, allow root ssh login, select sd0 as root disk

4. Select Whole disk and Edit auto layout

5. Change the "a" partiton size to 1638400 (800M), delete partition "b" and create again, give the swap the remaining disk space

6. Press Q to save the change and exit, then select sets.

7. Only select "bsd" and "base72.tgz"

8. The installation is complete. Before reboot, please change the boot sequence to Disk first in the control panel



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